Forms and Templates

The tools on this page were developed by group leaders and the SWUGN committee to help you manage your SolidWorks user group.  You are welcome to use any of the forms and templates on this page for your group.  Most of the documents will require some minor changes and/or customization.

Membership Froms and Spreadsheets

Member Database
A spreadsheet with columns for name, title, etc.  Also includes a column to track rsvp's.  Excel format.  Donated by CTSUG.

Survey Forms

Registration/Survey Form
A combination registration form, survey, and volunteer sign-up sheet.  Word format.  Donated by KCSWUG.

Survey Form
A quick "why are you here" and "what do you want" survey form.  Word format.  Donated by CTSUG.

Survey Form
Another simple survey form, with specific topic ideas.  Word format.  Donated by SASUG.

Agendas and Checklists

Meeting Agenda
A sample agenda form including a space for logos and sponsor information. Word format.  Donated by CTSUG.

Meeting Planner Checklist
A checklist to help plan meetings.  Complete with all tasks and timelines to effectively plan a meeting.  Word format.  Donated by COSUG.

Marketing Your Group

Bring a Friend Program
A set of prize drawing coupons based on the "Bring a Friend" program.  Word format.  Donated by KCSWUG.

User Group Flyer
A set of flyers for promoting your group.  Pass these along to your reseller or partner companies.  Word format.  Donated by CTSUG.

Thank You Certificate
A thank you document for speakers.  Word format.  Donated by COSUG.

Sponsorship Forms

Corporate Sponsor Form
A sponsorship information document citing benefits, costs, and sponsorship levels.  Word format.  Donated by COSUG.


Charter Document
The Colorado SolidWorks User Group charter.  A very good example of a complete charter document.  Word format.  Donated by COSUG.


Speaker Engagement
An unofficial "contract" between your group and potential speakers.  Word format.  Donated by COSUG.

Getting Your Members Involved
This document can be set-up as a presentation, or used to generate ideas to get your members involved in the group.  PowerPoint format.  Donated by SWUGN.

Business Card Template
Customizable for your group.  Donated by EMSWUG.

SolidWorks World Survival Guide
Written by John "Muggs" Ferguson, this guide will help you navigate the awesome event that is SolidWorks World.



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