SOLIDWORKS User Group of Pereira

Welcome to the (ProMa&DiMa) SOLIDWORKS User Group of Pereira, a newly formed user group in Pereira (Risaralda - Colombia) to complement the diverse industry and technology in Pereira and surrounding areas (Colombian Coffee-Growers Axis). The purpose of the ProMa&DiMa group is to provide a meeting place to exchange ideas and tips. So, come and learn with us, all skill levels are welcome.

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02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
3 Hours 0 Minutes
Salón Social Primer Piso - Edificio Álamos de la Rioja

Meeting AGENDA
¿Are you a Solidworks CAD user? Welcome, this is for you! For all those who are interested in sharing their knowledge and being part of a community of knowledge around Solidworks, ProMa&Dima invites you to our second meeting introducing the user group SWUG of Pereira. We will have several presentations concerning the use of Solidwork's programs guided by experts. Meeting Itinerary: Item 1 – Meet and Greet. (By Carlos Andres Mesa Montoya of ProMa&DiMa Manager) Item 2 – Snacks. (By ProMa&DiMa) Item 3 – Introduction to Solidworks Drawing Tools (Tips and Tricks). (By Juan Felipe Arroyave / UTP) Item 4 – Solidworks Surfaces and Mold Tools. (By Gian Carlo Daraviña / UTP) Item 5 – Questions, Suggestions, and Goodbyes. (By Carlos Andres Mesa Montoya of ProMa&DiMa Manager) Mark your calendar: November 24th 2018 - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Location: Cl. 11 #27-15 (Salón Social primer piso - Edificio Álamos de la Rioja) ¿ Questions and Concerns? No worries, contact: Carlos Andrés Mesa (

This meeting is sponsored by:

Universidad Tecnol?gica de Pereira

Facultad Ingeniería Mecánica (UTP)

Escuela de Tecnología Mecánica

Attend the November 24, 2018 meeting